Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sorry for the wait!

I feel as though it has been forever! My life has been a turning wheel of events, due dates, projects, celebrations, and tragedies. For now it is in a timely state with a unbearable amount of school work that is yet to be done. I hope that after the beginning of October I will finally be able to breathe. As for the rest of it, things have been going smoothly. I am trying to keep myself in the view of shortness of life, so that I do not forget the gift that it truly is. My dear husband is overwhelmed with his work. I am so proud of the strong man that he is. I do hope that after May I will be able to find a job so that I can take the weight of providing for this family alone off his shoulders. I know that the openings for elementary teachers are scarce, however I must believe that God will grant me favor. My life may be a calendar full of events but I am truly the happiest I could ever be.

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